Living The Dream Films provides Film Financing and Production Services to projects that need a production company with experience in film financing.  Living The Dream Films is a New York based production company with several released films and new projects in various stages of production.

Our film financing division services include: Gap and Super-Gap Loans, Acquisition Loans, Tax Credit Financing, Collateral Shortfall Loans, P&A Funds, and Working Capital Loans.

Gap/Super-Gap Loans

We provide funding such as Gap and Super-Gap loans to producers in conjunction with banks and bond companies.

Acquisition Loans

We provide Acquisition Loans to Sales Companies to help acquire targeted product.

Collateral Shortfall Loans

We provide Collateral Shortfall Loans to help complete your production.

P&A Funds

We provide P&A (prints and advertising) Funds for US Theatrical Releases.

Working Capital Loans

We provide Working Capital loans to production companies who lack the necessary resources to complete delivery.

Tax Credit Financing

We provide Tax Credit Financing to help your production.


London Fields (2018)   –   Executive Producer 

The Public  (2018)  –  Executive Producer

The Clapper  (2017)   –   Executive Producer 

Burning at Both Ends  (Post)   –  Executive Producer 

Who We Are Now (2017)  –  Producer 

Tragedy Girls  (2017)  – Executive Producer 

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