The Clapper

Dito Montiel’s ‘The Clapper’ Strikes Deal At Momentum Pictures


"EXCLUSIVE: The Clapper, the Dito Montiel comedy starring Ed Helms and Amanda Seyfried that bowed at the Tribeca Film Festival this spring, has been acquired by Momentum Pictures, which plans an early 2018 release." READ MORE

‘The Clapper’ Dives Into The World Of Professional Applauding – Tribeca Studio


"Professional clapper is actually a job in Hollywood." 


'The Clapper': Ed Helms on Alan Thicke, Infomercials and the Value of Fame


 "Ed Helms produces and stars in The Clapper as a professional audience member of infomercials and live studio tapings. His quiet life changes when he goes viral, but fame isn’t what he wants — a notion that might be unfamiliar to most." READ MORE

Adam Levine Joins Indie Comedy ‘The Clapper’


"Maroon 5’s frontman added to cast that already includes Amanda Seyfried, Tracy Morgan and Ed Helms." 


Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried Lead Cast Of Comedy ‘The Clapper’


"EXCLUSIVE: Ed Helms and Amanda Seyfried are anchoring a new comedy called The Clapper said to be in the vein of The King of Comedy." READ MORE

Review: We Are Movie Weeks


"THE CLAPPER is not a film for everyone. It is a small film that has some charm as a sweet oddball rom com but which falls short in exploring its characters." READ MORE

Review: The Hollywood Reporter


"In a film where everyone — including a gas-station customer who wanders through the night in his underwear — is treated with dignity, if not necessarily depth, even the showbiz baddies turn out to be recognizably human and capable of compassion." READ MORE

Review: Mcall


"It’s easy for good actors to shine in great roles but what Seyfried does here is pretty remarkable: She effortlessly rises about the material. When she’s onscreen, she makes The Clapper less about romance and celebrity than about a handful of lost souls who, in the toughest of situations, discover they’re stronger together than apart"