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Emilio Estevez’s ‘The Public’ To Get Spring Release In Universal Content Group Deal


"Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group is acquiring U.S. rights to The Public, the drama written, produced and directed by Emilio Estevez. He also stars in the film, which first screened at last year’s Santa Barbara Film Festival before having its official world premiere in September at the Toronto Film Festival."  READ MORE

Emilio Estevez: In Today’s Political Climate ‘Libraries Have Become de Facto Homeless Shelters’


"'Libraries have become de facto homeless shelters, and librarians have become social workers, which is not what they went to library school to be taught,' Estevez said. 'They’re the intersectionality of everything we’re experiencing right now… it all comes colliding together in a common place, which is under the roof of your public library.'" READ MORE

With ‘The Public,’ Emilio Estevez is banking on an audience for kinder, gentler movies


"It’s a little surreal to meet Emilio Estevez in a library. Movie fans of a certain age would be forgiven for expecting him to break out dancing on top of the stacks, like he did thirty-some years ago in “The Breakfast Club.”

But today, the ’80s avatar is in the midst of rebranding himself. Now 56, Estevez has directed six films. His seventh, “The Public,” had its world premiere Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival." READ MORE

Interview with Emilio Estevez


"Filmmaker Emilio Estevez heads to Palm Springs with The Public, a thought-provoking ensemble piece about a modern-day library sit-in that boldly shines the spotlight on the issue of homelessness." READ MORE

Aurora man teams up with Emilio Estevez to change the way we think about homelessness


"Estevez, who got the idea for “The Public” more than a decade ago as he was using a Los Angeles library for research, had initially reached out to Dowd on Facebook in early 2017 after the Aurora man had released his training book for libraries, which have been turned into de facto homeless shelters for the mentally ill, addicted and other marginalized members of society." READ MORE

‘The Public’s Emilio Estevez On The Crisis Faced By The American Public Library – Toronto Studio


"Setting out in the development of The Public, his latest feature, Emilio Estevez knew he faced an uphill battle — particularly in terms of financing." READ MORE

SF libraries as sanctuaries for the homeless — Hollywood movie captures realities


"“The Public,” set for national release on April 5, is a fictional drama about a group of homeless men who take over the Cincinnati Main Library one winter night to avoid freezing to death. And though it’s got the usual Tinseltown flashes of romance, a standoff with the cops, and a powerhouse cast — Alec Baldwin, Taylor Schilling and Emilio Estevez — it achieves a rarity in films about the homeless. It captures reality." 


Emilio Estevez Talking the Talk, walking the walk for Passion Project 'The Public'


"The definition of a tough sell to a film financier is, “I want to do a movie about libraries.”

That could be why Emilio Estevez, 56, has spent almost one-fifth of his life writing, directing and starring in “The Public,” the story of a Cincinnati librarian caring about the plight of the homeless on a cold winter night." 


Emilio Estevez visits Minneapolis library to screen film about homelessness


" 'I started just digging in, doing research and thinking about what the story would look like if the patrons decided not to leave on a particularly cold night. How low enforcement would react, politicians might spin it, how the media might certainly spin it and how they'd criminalize these people for simply wanting to stay alive,' he told the crowd in a question and answer segment."

Emilio Estevez: A Man at Work, Hold the Selfies


“I’ve seen this film three times,” said Mr. Baldwin. “Nearly everything that is plaguing this country right now is touched upon in this film — community, poverty, hopelessness, identity, opioid addiction, education.”


Cinequest Film Fest 2019: 15 films you should not miss


“The Public”: Emilio Estevez wrote, directs and stars in this topical activist drama about an uprising of homeless people demanding to stay put in a Cincinnati library during a fatal cold snap. 


The Week in Libraries: February 1, 2019


For librarians, art (pretty accurately) imitates life in Emilio Estevez’s new film ‘The Public’


Review: TIFF 2018 The Hollywood Reporter


"In Emilio Estevez’s scrappy feel-good drama The Public, the head librarian of the Cincinnati Public Library becomes an accidental hero when temperatures plunge below freezing and he sides with dozens of homeless men who decide to occupy the library." READ MORE

Review: Movies Move Me


"I can go on and on about how great, intelligent and simply brilliant “The Public” is. But more importantly, it is a genuine, deeply moving movie about the hypocrisy in politics, how fake news can manipulate people’s opinion yet how generosity and human kindness still prevails over evil." READ MORE