Who We Are now

New York Times


"The writer-director Matthew Newton’s film is about the idea of justice in everyday life, as epitomized by a speech Mr. Smits’s character gives to the doubtful Jess in a key scene. Superbly acted and confidently shot, “Who We Are Now” delivers substantial dramatic pleasures while posing pertinent questions." FULL ARTICLE



 "Low-concept, modestly scaled indies are always a hard sell, but authentic passion and a steady accumulation of detail sets “Who We Are Now” apart." FULL ARTICLE

Indie Wire


"But nobody can be told what makes Julianne Nicholson so great, you have to see it for yourself — she’s kind of like the Matrix in that way (a movie in which she regrettably wasn’t cast). But lo, this review brings good news for all the potential fans who have been failing the actress (and themselves) for far too long: There has never been a better showcase for her talents than “Who We Are Now.” Told with the full texture of real life, Nicholson’s second collaboration with “From Nowhere” filmmaker Matthew Newton is a close-up character study that explores notions of forgiveness and self-worth with surgical precision." FULL ARTICLE

AV / Film


"Once again, he refuses to pretend that lives in disarray can be magically repaired by good intentions, while simultaneously avoiding the defeatist attitude that insists there’s consequently no point in even trying." 


Los Angeles Times


"In a film about two very different women struggling with their own questionable choices, writer-director Matthew Newton has given a couple of excellent character actresses perhaps the meatiest roles of their careers. And Nicholson and Roberts feast."  FULL ARTICLE 

Village Voice


"While Nicholson’s onscreen, it’s impossible to pay heed to anything but her. She scorches the film with her barely bottled ferocity and vulnerability." FULL ARTICLE